Çerez Örnek
Ege University Ranked 2nd in Turkey's

“The Greenest and Paperless Digital Office”
Ege University ranked 2nd in Turkey's "Most Environmentally Friendly Universities" ranking. The contribution of universities to the environment, which switched to the "Paperless Office" concept with the automation realized by the Electronic Document Management System (EBYS), was explained with a special research carried out by enVision under the name of "Greenest Office". Ege University ranked second among 206 universities.
 Ege University's "Pedestrian-Priority Sustainable Green Campus" project carried out; environment, transportation, parking lot, zero emission, energy, bike path, green space, zero waste, paperless office, digital transformation practices continue to draw attention in the rankings made by national and international institutions and organizations.
Ege University Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Budak said, “While our university focuses on quality in education and scientific studies, on the other hand, it shows special sensitivity to the environmental issue in the science, culture, art and sports practices it realizes. Our university, with its academic and administrative units, gives full support to the projects carried out and carried out at the national level and continues to do so. EnVision, which conducts the "Greenest Office" research in different sectors every year, announced the results of the greenest office in the higher education category this year. Ege University ranked second among 206 universities. I would like to thank all our employees and students for their sensitivity to nature.”
 According to the research, thanks to Ege University EBYS; With the "Paperless Office" applications it has implemented, it prevented 3,150 trees from being cut down and saved 15,685 liters of water. It prevented the formation of 63 tons of waste and the emission of 889 tons of carbon dioxide. According to these results, Ege University saved 6 million 983 thousand 995 papers.
The research is important in terms of revealing the environmentalist aspect of universities in Turkey. After the transition to the Electronic Document, Form and Process Management System in universities, the paper savings achieved and the number of trees saved as a result of the serious decrease in paper consumption attracted attention.

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