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Ege University rose 57 places in the Green Universities Ranking

Ege continues its rise in the “World Green Universities” ranking
EU rose 57 places in Greenmetric
Ege University's rapid rise in Greenmetric, known as the "World Green Universities" ranking, continues. In the Greenmetric ranking of 2021, EU progressed 57 steps compared to last year, and ranked 108th among world universities. Ege, which rose from the 18th percentile to the 12th percentile with a total score of 7,725, ranked 4th among state universities in Turkey.
Saying that they are carrying out exemplary works with the motto of a green and sustainable university, Ege University Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Budak said, “Aegean University has been evaluated in the Greenmetric rankings since 2016. Since this year, we are in a trend that constantly increases its position in the ranking. We made our place 108 in the ranking, which was 287 in 2018, 259 in 2019, and 165 in 2020, by increasing 57 steps this year. We succeeded in increasing from 18 percent to 12 percent on the basis of percentiles. We ranked 4th among state universities in the ranking of 70 universities in our country. I think that the increase in participation in the ranking of green universities from our country is promising in terms of sustainability. For his contributions to this success, especially our Environmental Problems Application and Research Center Director Prof. Dr. I would like to thank those who contributed, especially Dinçer Ayaz and his team.”
The pandemic process has affected the evaluation parameters
Rector Budak, who said that the evaluation made is based on multiple factors, said, “When the evaluation results for the year 2021 are examined in more detail; We got 1,075 points in Building and Infrastructure, 1,625 points in Energy and Climate Change, 1,125 points in Wastes, 950 points in Water Activity, 1,300 points in Transportation, and 1,650 points in Education and Research, reaching a total of 7,725 points. Pandemic period studies also had a great impact on this result. The importance of all possibilities such as the establishment of the 'Aegean Lesson' for the distance education system, infrastructure strengthening works, hand disinfectants placed in each building, gray waste boxes placed for masks and gloves emerged in this period. On the other hand; Facilities such as the kindergarten on our campus, playgrounds in our children's hospital, staff-specific hospital appointment system, and disabled roads played an important role in our high score. As Ege University, we will continue to work with a sense of responsibility in order to be an exemplary and leading university for our city, region and country, and to leave a healthy environment for future generations with our environmental studies in line with one of our most important goals, 'Sustainable Campus'.

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